Renting white goods machines is much easier and cheaper

There are a lot of devices that make life easier, or are even necessary. For example, a washing machine, refrigerator, gas stove, dryer or dishwasher. But they are also devices that are incredibly large, heavy and, above all, expensive. If you miss one of these devices in your student house, it is quite an undertaking to buy such a device, especially if you know that you will be leaving the house again in the not too distant future. We at Rental White Goods understand your problem and have a solution: rent white goods machines instead of buying! For a small price per month you can rent white goods, among other things, with a flexible arrangement.

White goods rental can be very flexible

We were once students ourselves and we know how valuable it is for a student to offer a service that is flexible. After all, you don't know how long you'll be living in this house. That is why we draw up our contracts in such a way that they can easily be passed on to a (new) housemate as soon as you leave the house. Or we will pick up the device again. In addition, we will also bring the device to your home, after you have made a choice. Not sure which device is right for your home? Contact us and we will be happy to help you. And if a malfunction should occur, we will send a technician within 3 working days so that you can continue cooking, washing and drying. White goods rental is the company for students in the Netherlands that delivers, repairs and collects throughout the country. Guaranteed the best, cheapest and fastest!
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Our rented refrigerators

It is important that your fridge keeps beer cold for the fun student evenings. For the shared kitchen we offer refrigerators with a size of 184 cm from brands such as Zanussi and Beko. You can save space in your own room by going for a table top freezer.
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Which dishwashers can you rent?

In student houses, the dishes can add up. After long lectures, shopping and cooking, you usually don't feel like doing the dishes for half an hour. Our dishwashers help you get rid of that problem.
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Rent a dryer: condenser or heat pump dryer?

Not everyone has enough space to let the laundry dry for a few hours somewhere. It quickly gets in the way and a dryer offers a solution. With us you can choose from a heat pump dryer or a condenser dryer, which are always supplied by A brands such as BEKO. The condenser dryer extracts its moisture from the air and this is collected in a condensate tray. Ideal if you have no water drainage.
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