Washing machines

Renting your washing machine is easy and cheap

If you are going to live in a room to study, you have to arrange a lot, especially if you are not able to go to your parents. You must therefore ensure that your clothes are clean again. A good washing machine is an expensive appliance, especially from a well-known brand such as LG, Bosch, AEG, Beko, Zanussi or another well-known brand. And with a cheap second-hand car, there is a good chance that it will break quickly. In addition, old machines use a lot of electricity and water.

Renting a washing machine is then a cheap and environmentally conscious solution. We are specialists in washing machine rental to students. We do this throughout the Netherlands, from Groningen to Maastricht. You can choose from different machines that we deliver and install at home. If the machine breaks down, we will repair it for free. Usually within a day, but certainly within three working days you can wash again.

Renting a washing machine is not expensive

You already rent a washing machine for 11 euros per month. It gets even cheaper if you share the machine with more people. You can then, for example, place the washing machine in the shared kitchen and share the costs with all of you. That is not a problem for us.

Flexible and fast

Our washing machine rental is very flexible. If you move house, you can transfer the contract to one of your housemates free of charge. If you want to take the machine with you yourself, that is also possible, for a small fee we will even move it for you. You can also easily report malfunctions via the website or with a telephone call.

As a student you cannot rent a washing machine everywhere, but it is our speciality. White goods rental is guaranteed to be the best and cheapest.