Rent a refrigerator

A refrigerator in a student house, it is a real expense. This way you can keep your food fresh for longer. Buying a refrigerator as a student is a considerable investment. Fortunately, thanks to White goods rental, you can easily rent a refrigerator. This way you only pay a small amount per month and you can enjoy a refrigerator at home.

Different models

You have a huge choice of refrigerators and all from a reliable brand such as a SB, Bauknecht or Beko. Are you looking for your own refrigerator for your room? Then a table model may be something for you. This is a compact fridge that you can place anywhere. This small refrigerator costs less than a tenner per month. If you share the rental contract with your housemates, you can rent a large refrigerator for the shared kitchen. The advantage is that when you rent a refrigerator with your housemates, you can share the costs. As a result, you only spend a few euros per month on a refrigerator.

Simple contract and good conditions

It is very easy to have a contract drawn up. This will be placed at the address of where you live. So when you move, you can easily have the contract put in the name of a roommate. White goods rental will install the refrigerator and if there are malfunctions or problems with the refrigerator, we will always solve it for you within three working days. Enjoy professional service and fast delivery of your white goods.

Do you have questions about the possibilities, services or do you want more information about White Goods Rental? For all your questions about renting a refrigerator, you can visit the website or contact us by telephone. What are you waiting for? White goods rental is the address for studying in the Netherlands!