Rent a tumble dryer

You've arranged it all: room, nice housemates, washing machine... but a dryer would also be useful, wouldn't it? But yes, it also costs a lot of money to purchase a new dryer. But did you know that nowadays you can simply rent a tumble dryer quickly and easily? That's ideal. At White Goods Rental you can rent a beautiful dryer from, for example, Samsung, Bosch, AEG, SB or another well-known brand. And you can have these placed in your home for a very competitive rate, because that's how they are. And that's nice because you don't have to hang your entire balcony or garden with your laundry anymore. Handy, you can also sit in it for once. And what's even more convenient: whether it's raining or snowing, that laundry will simply dry. It's a matter of throwing in the clothes, turning it on and that's it. Everything goes by itself, so that you can continue studying or have a drink.

Rent a dryer with a top service

What is also well arranged is the service. Look, sometimes something can break in a tumble dryer. Very normal, but also very annoying. But don't worry, the people at White Goods Rental are always there for you, wherever you are in the country. A professional technician will visit you within 3 working days to fix your dryer. When you rent a dryer, you rent it for as long as you need it. So no hassle with ongoing contracts. It is even so easy that if you move house, for example, your contract can easily be placed in the name of the new housemate. And that service is also completely free. So, no more hanging laundry in the living room, just rent a dryer. White goods rental ensures that you have a relaxed student time, without hassle with your laundry.

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