Frequently Asked Questions

Many problems can be solved by yourself with a few simple actions. If the problem is not solved after reading these frequently asked questions, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone. If the problem cannot be solved by telephone, we will send a technician to solve the problem on location.

  • Administrative questions

  • No. You only have to pay the remaining rent of the current month.
  • Transferring the rent to a roommate is free. Your housemate must complete a takeover rental agreement and the amended rental agreement will enter into the next rental period.
  • We can visit you without obligation to check whether the installation of a particular device is possible.
  • You can move your device yourself if you let us know in advance. We can also move your device for a small fee.
  • We repair the rented device within three working days. In most cases, the repair is done the same day.
  • You can cancel the rent by telephone, in writing or by e-mail. The notice period is one month. The rental ends on the day we collect the device.
  • Yes, we rent to private individuals.
  • If an appliance does not work properly, first check whether it is plugged in and whether the water or gas supply is open. Also clean any clogged filters. Can't find an answer to your question in these frequently asked questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Problems with the washing machine:

  • This often indicates a blockage of the filter. Check/clean the filter. The filter is located at the front and at the bottom of the washing machine, often behind a cover or behind a plastic edge. First check whether there is still water in the drum, if so let the machine drain first. If the machine does not want to pump down, please contact us by telephone.

    Also note that when you remove the filter, a little water always comes out. So keep a bowl with a mop or towel with you!!! If objects such as coins or buttons are found in the filter, remove them, then replace the filter properly. It is also possible that the rinse hold or the 'no spin button' is activated (only with some machines)
  • Check whether the plug is plugged in. When the plug is in, check whether the water tap is open. Also check the meter cupboard to see if a fuse has blown. Connect another device to the power outlet to check.

  • Check that the filter is correctly fitted and tightened. Also check that the water drain hose has not come out of the drain pipe and that the drain pipe is not clogged. Also check that the tap and/or the inlet hose are not leaking.
  • Check that the machine is still stable and level. It is also possible that the machine is loaded incorrectly. Shake the laundry loose and, if necessary, remove excess laundry.
  • The filter may be clogged. As a result, the washing machine does not pump the water away after washing and the laundry remains in the dirty soapy water. See question 1 for cleaning the filter.

    It is also possible that the internal pipes of the machine are contaminated with old soap residue. You can run a cooking wax (90 degrees) for this. This will cause hot water to flow through the pipes and remove the old soap residue. At the end of the cooking wash, clean the filter. It is also possible that the washing machine does not rotate the drum powerfully enough during washing. In this case, please contact us by phone.
  • Problems with the dryer:

  • Check whether the plug is in the socket and whether a fuse has blown in the fuse box. Plug another device into the outlet to check. Check that the water tray is not full (condenser dryer only). Check that the door is closed properly. Check that the condenser is correctly positioned.
  • Check that the condenser is not clogged. Remove the condenser and clean by rinsing it under the tap. Then drain well and replace. Check that the lint filter is not clogged. This should be cleaned after each drying cycle.

    Check that the water container is not full. (only condenser dryer) Check that the laundry is not put in the dryer 'too' wet. If the laundry is still very wet, check the washing machine. See “Problems with the washing machine.
  • Problems with the dishwasher:

  • Check whether the plug is in the socket and whether a fuse has blown in the fuse box. Plug another device into the outlet to check. Check that the door is closed properly. Check whether the tap is open.
  • Check that the filter is not clogged. The filter is located on the bottom of the dishwasher. Make sure that the filter is properly replaced after cleaning.
  • Check that the filter is not clogged. See also: 'The dishwasher does not drain the water'. It can also happen that the holes of the rinse arms are closed. This is because the filter has not been replaced correctly after cleaning, resulting in food residues entering the water circulation system. To do this, remove the rinse arms (both top and bottom) often you can simply unclip them, or unscrew them with a rotary knob. Then rinse them thoroughly from the inside under the tap. Then replace the rinse arms in the correct order.

    Also check the load of the dishwasher and whether the dishes have been pre-rinsed before they go into the machine. Check whether there is still salt in the salt cellar. We recommend to refill this once a month. Also check that nothing is sticking out from under the drawer and/or cutlery tray, blocking the rinse arm.